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Taste the freakin' rainbow!

Patrica Rose Thacher
First off, I want to know how the hell you got to my LiveJournal. How did you get here?
I love writing, singing, acting, typing, music, and musicals. I have an obsession with Patti LuPone and John Barrowman. I want to be married to Patti’s son Josh, even though he’s three years my senior, probably doesn’t know I exist, and probably already has a girlfriend. But I don’t care. I’m a dreamer! It’s what I do!
What is says next to name is not my real name. I’m gonna change it about three million times while I’m on here, so please just ignore what is says. If you wanna contact me, just say ‘Hey You.’ Or Lilly. Or something. Odds are, if you’re talking to me, I know you mean me. Unless there’s another devilswife1993 on here that I don’t know about. Anyways, enjoy my LiveJournal. I love writing everything. Hope you love reading it.